Framus Upright Bass-Made in Germany $1600.00

Roland 1×12 Speaker Cabinet $150.00

1930′s Dyna-Vox Speaker Cabinet $200.00

1978 KORG VC10 Vocoder $1600.00

Handmade Les Paul Jr. Style $700.00


1957 Gibson Les Paul Jr. $3800.00

1970′s Ovation Breadwinner $750.00

Sound City 120 Head

1960′s Ampeg Reverbojet $550.00

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1970′s Fender Vibrolux Reverb Amp $1800.00

1970′s Ampeg B15N $1500.00

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Martone USA hand-made all-tube amplifier $1900.00

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1980 Rickenbacker 4003 $1850.00

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Gibson SG faded with DiPinto Guitars ’68 Special mod! SG faded 2002 Cherry $750.00

This SG faded came to me with some great honest...
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Gibson Les Paul Custom 1983 Black

Killer Les Paul Custom from ’83! Great low...
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1960′s Harmony Arch-Top $350.00

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1950′s Gretsch Ukelele $250.00

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1938 National Amp supro valco $950.00

Amazing old octal tube amp with field coil...
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1966 Fender Coronado II $1200.00

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1970′s Electra Lawsuit Les Paul Black Beauty

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1960′s Univox 12-String Electric $650.00

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1971 Fender Rosewood Telecaster now on Reverb.com!

  Now on REVERB

Fender USA Telecaster 1950′s Re-Issue $1400.00

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1960′s Harmony Rocket $600.00

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1960′s Wurlitzer Student Electronic Piano $749.00

1960′s Sano Amplifier $375

1960′s 1 Pick-Up Electric Guitar $325.00

1975 Fender Twin Reverb $995.00

1960′s Sekova Electric Guitar $250.00

1965 Fender Princeton Tremelo Tube Amplifier

Call for price. 215.427.7805

1974 Gibson L-6S $650.00

1974 Gibson L-6S $950.00

RARE! Roden bass, made in Moscow, U.S.S.R. $650

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Ampro Speaker Cabinet $250

Gibson Gibsonette Amp $995.00

Altec Lansing 1592B Mixer/Amplifier $225-Power Amplifier Model 1593C $175

call 215.427.7805

1970′s Ampeg Big Stud Bass $550