Handmade Bass $250.00

1980′s Peavey Foundation Bass $295.00

AMPEG B15-NC 1967 Black $950.00

Rare with 2×15 cab. Speakers are not...
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AMPEG B-15T 90′s Black flip- top $525.00

Nice solidstate fliptop. Perfect for stage....
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Des Lauries 70′s lawsuit era P-bass 70′ Black $195.00

Nice old p-bass copy. Great classic tone and...
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1960′s Acoustic 360 Amplifier $1100.00

Amazing old Acoustic 360 bass rig with 361 cab....
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1980 Rickenbacker 4003 $1850.00

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Nemesis by Eden 200 Watt Bass Combo $250.00

RARE! Roden bass, made in Moscow, U.S.S.R. $650

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1970′s Ampeg Big Stud Bass $550