Help! There’s a giant purple lady stealing my guitar!

It’s a constant  in our industry, I imagine in most industries;  the introduction of weird,extraneous products.

Oh my god! They’re coming in through the walls!

OK, so this product is totally not useless. We all need to hang our guitars from the walls every now and then, but totally weird, right?  I cannot imagine what was going on in that product development group!

I don’t know what is more bizarre, the actual visual look of the product, or the fact that this particular series, finished in pretty metallic colors (what the company calls ‘vintage Fender colors’) is called the “Ladies Series” .  So, is this for the ladies?  Or is for the guys,  who before this could only fantasize about a disembodied, metallic, yet distinctly feminine hand gently cradling their guitar.

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