Handmade DiPinto Satellite Guitar

This is a very early DiPinto Satellite that I made back in 1997-98. One of only 15 or 20 guitars I ever made by hand and it is an amazing guitar! The body is Alder, neck is Maple neck-through-body. Pickups are Kent Armstrong with my custom covers. It has an off/on rocker switch for each pickup and a “return to volume” button which allows you to switch between a pre-set volume of your choosing and full power…great for quick dynamic shifts. It has a handmade brass trem of my own design (comes with a strat style bar) and a Schaller roller bridge. The inlays have glow-in-the-dark side markers. The rare purple acrylic plastic was made in Brazil. The guitar was used for trade shows so it shows some small nicks and scuffs. Plastic is a little faded (not bad for a 15yr new/old stock guitar). Own a piece of DiPinto history!! $1950 w/ hard case.

call 215-427-7805


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  1. Chris Dolan says:

    What is the price on this?

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