AMPEG B15-NC 1967 Black $950.00

Rare with 2×15 cab. Speakers are not...
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AMPEG B-15T 90′s Black flip- top $525.00

Nice solidstate fliptop. Perfect for stage....
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1960′s Acoustic 360 Amplifier $1100.00

Amazing old Acoustic 360 bass rig with 361 cab....
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1967 Fender Super Reverb Black panel Amplifier $1200.00

Fender Super Reverb 1967 Black panel $1200.00 ...
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1970′s Traynor Mark II head with YT -12 cab

The last affordable hand-wired 70′s tube...
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2 x 8 Cabinet $150.00

5 watt tube head/pre-amp $150.00

Epiphone Valve Jr. $99.00

1970′s Univox Amp w/ Reverb and Tremelo $225.00

Roland 1×12 Speaker Cabinet $150.00

1930′s Dyna-Vox Speaker Cabinet $200.00

Sound City 120 Head

1960′s Ampeg Reverbojet $550.00

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1970′s Fender Vibrolux Reverb Amp $1800.00

1970′s Ampeg B15N $1500.00

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Martone USA hand-made all-tube amplifier $1900.00

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Nemesis by Eden 200 Watt Bass Combo $250.00

1960′s Sano Amplifier $375

1975 Fender Twin Reverb $995.00

1965 Fender Princeton Tremelo Tube Amplifier

Call for price. 215.427.7805

Handmade DiPinto Satellite Guitar

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Gibson Gibsonette Amp $995.00

Altec Lansing 1592B Mixer/Amplifier $225-Power Amplifier Model 1593C $175

call 215.427.7805

1966 Fender Princeton Reverb

All original except for nice old JBL (KB110). The...
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